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Morning & Evening Adhkār Cards


Introducing the Morning & Evening Adhkār Cards - the remembrances and supplications taught in the Qur’ān & Sunnah, for Muslims to recite every morning and evening. These Adhkār are the daily doses prescribed by the Prophet ﷺ for every Muslim, to not only remedy, but also prevent the various mental, physical & spiritual ailments of this worldly life. 

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, these lightweight, pocket-sized cards summarise all the essential Adhkār we need for daily spiritual nourishment. Each dhikr is accompanied by translation and repetition counts, to help us understand what we are reciting, and how many times to repeat it, while also being visually pleasing, designed to make our daily Adhkār routine more easy and enjoyable.

The importance of the daily Adhkār as mentioned in ahādīth:

Protection & cure: 
They serve as a shield and a remedy from all forms harm, evil, & negativity throughout the day and night. Through these supplications, we place our worries in the hands of Allah and trust that He will surely take care of all of our affairs. The cards include all the essential Adhkār to protect us from all internal and external, physical, mental, and spiritual ailments in this world, helping guard against depression, anxiety, stress, laziness, illnesses, diseases, debt, poverty, evil eye, black magic, and more. The Adhkār not only serve as a protection in this life but also the afterlife, attaining the Prophet’s ﷺ intercession and Allah’s divine mercy. 

Praising & thanking Allah:
We often forget to thank Allah consistently for the countless blessings He bestows upon us daily. The Adhkār cards include all the essential praises & glorifications, fostering a sense of gratitude, positivity and tranquility in our lives.

Barakah in the day & night:
The supplications ensure that our mornings and evenings are filled with blessings, guidance, and divine support from Allah, as we begin our days with positivity & mental clarity, setting our intentions correctly and reaffirming our belief in Allah and the tenets of Islam. 

Seeking forgiveness & a spiritual cleanse:
Due to our shortcomings, we accumulate countless sins throughout the day, but Allah loves the sinners who repent. The cards include the most superior supplications of forgiveness and repentance in order to attain the mercy of Allah. The Adhkār help establish a routine for seeking forgiveness and foster discipline, consistency and providing a complete spiritual cleanse. 

In essence, the morning and evening Adhkār are crucial for spiritual well-being, protection, guidance, gratitude, and maintaining a strong and conscious connection with Allah. 

Details: Each pack includes two cards; morning & evening.
The cards are A5 sized, printed on thick silky material, packaged in clear plastic wallets.

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